3 Weeks To Go

21 days until the 2012 SD Comic Con. I have been scouring Twitter for SDCC trends to try and get info. It’s been really helpful, actually. The official schedule hasn’t been posted, but I’ve gotten a lot of info from other sites about when show and movie pannels will be. The biggest disappointment so far is that Castle won’t be having a pannel. I do still cling to the hope that Nathan Fillion will be there anyway. He is the mayor of Comic Con after all. The Twitter trend posts have also provided several contests for shopping sprees or VIP things, which would be pretty badass. Also, if I won, I could get Lisa and Lindsay their Saturday tickets so they could see their Vampire Diaries and Dexter pannels, respectively. I wonder how contest people would react if they called me up to say ‘you won!’ and I were to reply ‘cool! ok, so put them in the names of other people besides me’. I’m gathering supplies, planning things out. I’ve started decorating my backpack with nerdy patches and things. I have to figure out which couple of geek-centric shirts I will bring, since I have too many to wear them all in the 3 days I won’t be wearing a costume.

What do you have to say about that?

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