2 Weeks and Counting…

They have released the schedule for Thursday, and I’ve already got a mini-crisis on my hands. There will be a Dr Horrible screening and costume contest during the time that W00tstock is going on. If Dr Horrible weren’t my costume, it really wouldn’t be such an issue….but my Dr Horrible is a badass costume! So I have to decide now if I a) miss half or more of W00tstock to maaaybe win a prize of some sort, or b)miss the one costume contest I could have a decent shot at winning. Or I guess I can try and find someone to go to W00tstock in my place so as not to ditch Lisa partway through. I have some soul searching and priority figuring-out to to do. I hope tomorrow’s release of the Friday schedule isn’t so traumatic. I know I’m planning to go to the Community and Firefly panels, which happen to be in the same room. But I know the Firefly one is going to be pretty popular, so I need to talk to a con veteran to see what they recommend as far as getting a place in line…can I camp out for Ballroom 20? These are the things I need to know! Also, hoping to make it to the White Collar fan party Friday evening. One of my hopes is that everyone will be busy with all the zombie festivities on Friday night so what I want to do isn’t as crowded! I think Jon will have me camp out in Hall H on Sat for all those movie panels, and then Sunday I’ll definitely be trying for the Fringe panel. For now I just need to keep calm and be excited.

What do you have to say about that?

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