Travel Size

I have spent the last hour or so organizing, condensing and packing a bunch of things I plan to bring to CC.  Luckily I didn’t have to go buckwild buying much because of my love for tiny things.  Say what?  I love tiny things, and therefore I have a decent collection of travel size things and mini kits of various types.  Three of my favorites are pictured below.

In backwards order, we have our mini sewing kit, which is a good idea to have, not just for travel.  I keep one at the office since I had two wardrobe malfunctions in 1 day and I had to Sametime a bunch of people before I found someone that had a kit.  I don’t like being stranded with a hole in the pants!

Then we have the “Her-mergency Kit” which is a tiny silver pouch that has a lot of girl-centric emergency items (tampon, deodorant wipes, stain wipes, nail polish remver wipes, tiny clear nail polish, nail file, tiny Binaca, hem tape, a REALLY tiny sewing kit, band aids, and probably more I can’t think of.  The point is, this really tiny pouch packs a big punch.  So handy.  I see them marketed as bridesmaids gifts a lot.

Lastly, there is the tiny red backpack.  I found this one randomly at K-Mart one day, and honestly I might have bought it even if it wasn’t packed with some really handy first-aid items.  Bandages, of course, and antiseptic, sunscreen, insect bite relief, hand sanitizer and few over the counter medicine packs,  Also, I’ve been able to cram a lot more stuff in there, so it’s become my “must take”: travel accessory.  I pretty much fit all the items from the Her-mergency kit into it in addition to what it comes with, and I added a bunch of moist towelettes and some more sizes of band-aids.  I took out the OTC medicines because I have turned the pouch for the Her-mergency kit into my tiny pharmacy.  Any pills normally in bottle storage get their own teeny tiny baggie, and then there’s also the ones that come in their foil push-out strips.  I must say, I’m pretty damn efficient, which should come in handy for my con-ventures.

The few things I’ve bought recently include mini towels (condensed to the size of a double-stuffed Oreo, and a Pocket Chair.  I don’t anticipate this strange stool-like seat to be terribly comfortable, BUT it should beat having my legs fall asleep from sitting cross-legged on the ground while I wait overnight in line to see the Firefly panel.. If I could sit against a wall or something it should be pretty alright.  Who knows.

Of course, if Dr Horrible has taught me anything is that “everything happens”, so I know I can’t be prepared for any and all scenarios.  Watch the thing that gets me is that I don’t have a snakebite kit or something.  Oh, the irony that would be.

Essentially, here are the things I have packed into roughly 4″ by 4″ of packing space:
-Variety of Band-Aids
-insect relief wipes
-stain wipes
-nail polish remover wipes
-deodorant wipes
-personal hygiene wipes
-moist towelettes
-tiny Binaca breath spray
-nail file
-tiny sewing kit
-hem tape
-Pepto Bismol
-Gas Aid
-Claritin (non-drowsy)
-nasal decongestant
-Dramamine (non-drowsy)

If there’s anything anyone else can recommend, feel free!  At the risk of making a really easy ‘that’s what she said’ joke, I’m sure I could cram a few more things in there….

What do you have to say about that?

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