Comic Con Day 1

Alarm goes off in the morning and I am UP!  Throw some snacks in  the nerd pack and head down to the convention center.  Jon’s mom drops us off and we join one of the growing streams of people heading to Registration.  We find where the line starts and then have to follow it back to the end.  Let me tell you, this is the longest single-file line I’ve ever seen.  EVAR.  It wound it’s way around back, across the street, past the park and along the marina.  The amazing thing was that the line went AMAZINGly fast.  I think it only took us 15 mins to get through and get our badges.  I made my first line friend and gave her one of my contact info cards, but she has yet to friend me šŸ˜¦

So we get our badges and our event guide and souvenir book and ginormous swag bag and we are IN!  
BTW, the swag bag is the biggest tote bag I’ve ever seen.  EVAR.  Here’s a pic of me standing in it as I contemplate a potato-sack race.

Lisa and I also discussed the possibility of making a dress out of it, but people already had the idea.  I don’t have a pic of it, but Lisa said she saw someone with a hardcore detailed swag-bag dress later in the weekend.

After registration, we checked the schedule and decided to head over to a Battlestar Galactica panel that would be starting in an hour or so.  We navigated the map and found the line, which snaked outside for a while, but it was overcast and decent weather.  Plus, we had our pocket stools!

Yay, first panel of my first Comic Con!
And then this kid with a giant head sits down  between me and the panel table…

Oh well, I didn’t let it get me too down.  Here’s some more pics of me and Jon waiting for this panel to start, and then the main speaker of the panel, Richard Hatch…the guy that played Apollo in the original BSG and then Tom Zarek in the remake.
  The panel was pretty cool.  Talked a lot about the music in the episodes and how they used a lot of different musical styles and how sometimes they didn’t even get to see the scene they were writing music for, just had a general idea what the scene was about.  I think they did a phenomenal job on the music.  I’d heard a rumor that the current Starbuck and Apollo actors would be there, but they were not.  There was another actress slated to show up but she was stuck in traffic (Richard got a call from her mid-panel and put it on speaker).
After that panel we met up with Lisa!!
Then we walked the floor a while.  Here’s some of the weird people and things we saw…. 

Found Jesus!!  Ok, I know it’s a Jedi…
Random mowhawk guy…
Double Rainbow guy!!
Random burlesque chick and what looks like an Amish guy on the ground
I saw a lot of guys dressed as Princess Leia, oddly…
They had some fighting demonstrations for some reason
There was a strong steampunk presence here
And then I saw R2-D2 and I was like…
This guy…
Giant power ranger (there was a 20 year deal for power rangers….and that made me feel old)
Ever want one of those anime pillow girlfriends?  You could buy one here…
Wookie backpack
Wooden moustaches for sale!
This chick…
This booth…
A variety of kitty ears
This Furry…
This chick (?) as Robin
Goth Princess Leia?
These people….
Chobit royalty?
Funky merch
Superman with a yoga-ball earth
Crowded DC Comics booth
  This guy…
Booth Babes

This guy…

Silver Surfer guy
Darth Vadar toy…life sized.  Oh, and one of the other Dr Horribles!
The Sand People scare easily, but they’ll be back….and in greater numbers!
I found Waldo!!!
I passed a signing by Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck, so that was kinda cool
This chick in some sort of gauze bikini?
Stay Pufft Marshmallow Man!
An unfortunately-timed shot of Marina Sirtis.  I tried to take another but they didn’t want dawdlers in the walkway.  I guess I could have paid for a pic?
Brent Spiner was yelling at someone…not sure why
Ugly Dolls!
Yay, Firefly Replicas!  You can see the little peoples in the cockpit!

Ok, there is a reason I took this pic of the enterprise upside down…cuz that’s how they filmed the model!  I know, my photography needs work…


Guy painting nerdy paintings!


This chick dressed as Wonder Woman


Finally after all that stuff, we went back to the timeshare to shower, change and get ready for Dr Horrible!  Also, planning to go straight from Dr Horrible to sitting in line overnight for Firefly, so having to prepare for that, too.  Get back to the convention center and I’m ready for the costume contest!

I won for category of ‘Dr Horrible in white’ (although tied with the other chick who was battle-worn…like a before and after kind of thing).  BUT I won a program signed by Felicia Day!  OH, and the contest was judged by one of the costume designers from Firefly.

The Crowd:

The guy dressed as the “soup” version of Dr Horrible even won on his own category that they made up for him.  Everyone was chanting “Soup Soup Soup!”  Later we found out he threw that costume together last minute.  I’d say it was a good one!

What I won
So after that, it was 10pm…time to find and sit in the line for the Firefly panel that starts at 12:30 the next day……..  For this, see Day 2!!   Day 2 Here

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