What I Think Castle and Beckett Would Give Each Other For X-Mas

As a fangirl, I would have liked to have seen what Castle and Beckett would have gotten each other for Christmas if they were exchanging gifts.  I went through the same thing when X-Files had a Christmas episode and we saw that Mulder and Scully gave each other presents, but it panned out before they opened them so we didn’t get more than a glimpse of the size and shape of the presents.   I probably spent too much time pondering the subject back then *sigh*

So, here are my thoughts on possible things Caskett could have given each other for X-Mas:

Castle to Beckett:

  1. A sexy new motorcycle outfit and helmet  <–although I’m not sure how much more badassery we can take!?
  2. Ridiculously expensive jewelry
  3. A Castle-invented game of Homicide Bingo.  The cards would include things like ‘chasing a perp’, ‘perp is caught in a lie’, ‘Esposito says “Yo”‘, and the free space would be ‘Beckett rolls her eyes at Castle’ (because it’s pretty much a given it will happen at least once a case). <–this will become a precinct-wide hit, btw
  4. A bathing suit, because she obviously doesn’t have one (lmao…kidding!!)
  5. A freakin’ sweet baseball outing for Beckett and her dad to spend time with Joe Torre

Beckett to Castle:

  1. A photo of herself in a Nebula 9 outfit (without mask :P)
  2. A hundred coffees
  3. Coupon book including:  1 time Castle can drive Beckett’s squad car, 1 time Beckett placates one of Castle’s wacky case theories, 1 round of laser tag, 1 time Beckett cooks breakfast with bacon, 1 free pass to make fun of Nebula 9 one time
  4. A slightly nicer chair for him at the precinct…if it’s TOO nice, people will steal it.  Maybe one that looks like there’s something wrong with it, but it’s really fine and comfy…yeah, that’s it.
  5. A watch, or something…the item itself doesn’t matter.  The important part is that there is an engraving on the inside that says ‘Always’.

But anyway, those are some of my thoughts.  Feel free to add your own or expand on any of mine…


What do you have to say about that?

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