I Want My Nerd HQ



I’ve been to Nerd HQ twice, and have had a fantastic time both times…

I got to attend one of the Conversations for a Cause with Nathan Fillion.  I was sitting 10 feet away from him.  I also lucked out and was able to ask him a question.  I’d seen him at the Comic Con panel for the Firefly 10th Anniversary the day before, but that was from dozens of rows back.

So, this, where my camera is at full zoom… Day 2 - The Longest Night and the Awesomest Day
…versus this, with no zoom.  He was there, RIGHT THERE, man! Day 2 - The Longest Night and the Awesomest Day

Also, I got to see this, which was highly entertaining…Day 2 - The Longest Night and the Awesomest Day

I did even more in 2013!  The first thing was my whole group went and saw the screening of Serenity at Petco Park.

After it was over, it was late and I’d been staying up for many nights in Hall H and Ballroom 20 lines, so I was quite loopy, but we stayed for a little bit and my sister and I took this pic

The next day she and I got to attend the Conversation with Nathan (I still don’t know how I lucked out getting tickets to that!)

A moment of mind-reading

And after that…well, see for yourself…

I got a side-hug and he said my shirt was cool and he hadn’t seen it before.  I don’t like to throw the term ‘epic’ out lightly, but this was indeed EPIC for me.

So that’s my personal experience with Nerd HQ, and it’s been amazing to say the least. How could I pass up the chance to help it out when it’s in need?? I’ve contributed, and I hope we can get to goal, cuz this shit is awesome!!!!!

Contribute to Awesomeness!!! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/i-want-my-nerd-hq-2014


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