Geeks Abroad! Post 4: Rhine Falls

The following takes place on May 7th, 2015

The boys went out to breakfast so I was able to sleep just a little, and they brought me some croissant goodness, too!  We got in the car and headed towards Switzerland.  Our first stop:  the Rhine Falls.

Before crossing the border from Germany, Jimmy had to stop and buy a sort of Swiss driving permit sticker. At this rest stop, I picked myself up a coke.  Irritated as I generally am that I can’t find any version of MY name on any cokes (Pamela is a lot harder to find on personalized things than you might think), I am intrigued by the one I have picked out.  I can’t find one with my name, but I can always share a coke with Schwarm.
Stuttgart (31)
At the Swiss border they were randomly asking cars to pull over for (I’m assuming) questions or inspection of the vehicle, but we were not selected for this.
The falls are near the border, so it didn’t take long to reach. We parked and went to buy our entry ticket. Jon took a bathroom break and Jimmy a smoke break, so I took some pictures of the cow-benches.  Why were there cow benches?  I have no idea.  If there was an informational sign about it, I didn’t see it or it wasn’t in English.

We stopped at the first overlook area and took some pictures.

Then we went down a bunch of stairs and took some pics at the next overlook area.

Then, down some more stairs and another overlook area, but this one also had a cave with a less obvious but pretty cool overlook.  It made for some awkward light/dark contrasts in the pictures, but it was really amazing to be right there in the midst of it.  You could really feel the rumble of all that water rushing by.

I also saw people put locks on the fence here…I’m assuming it’s like those love locks people put on that bridge in Paris…
Stuttgart (46)
Then we followed the trail for a bit and then down some more stairs (so many stairs…I was NOT looking forward to climbing them up again) and then we got to the little boat dock. We bought passage to cross the river and then take a boat tour.

We ate lunch on the other side (I had some Penne a la Arrabiata….on a tray…which was wet) and strolled along the river for a little bit, then waited for a blue boat to arrive for our tour.

After all this, we did have to go walk up all those stairs again.  Stairs are the worst.
But here is a shot of a funny gift shop.
Stuttgart (70)
After this, we had originally planned to go down to Zurich and look around, but Jimmy had recently had a surgery which was giving him a lot of discomfort after walking around, so we headed back to Stuttgart.  To the ER, in fact.  Turns out he was just pushing himself too hard, which Jon and I are blaming ourselves for, even against his protestations.
While at the hospital I wandered over to the cafeteria and they had Cornettos, so I got to try a Lemon one!
Later that evening, we ate at the restaurant owned by Jimmy’s landlord, who decided what we were going to eat.  I was afraid at first, but it turned out to be quite delicious.
6-19-2015 9-58-19 AM
After dinner we walked around Stuttgart a bit and I had a banana and Nutella crepe for dessert.  WOO!

Stay tuned for the next post where I meet up with a friend and go to the zoo!

PS: I put sunscreen on, but I still got sunburned.

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