Travel Size

I have spent the last hour or so organizing, condensing and packing a bunch of things I plan to bring to CC.  Luckily I didn’t have to go buckwild buying much because of my love for tiny things.  Say what?  I love tiny things, and therefore I have a decent collection of travel size things and mini kits of various types.  Three of my favorites are pictured below.

In backwards order, we have our mini sewing kit, which is a good idea to have, not just for travel.  I keep one at the office since I had two wardrobe malfunctions in 1 day and I had to Sametime a bunch of people before I found someone that had a kit.  I don’t like being stranded with a hole in the pants!

Then we have the “Her-mergency Kit” which is a tiny silver pouch that has a lot of girl-centric emergency items (tampon, deodorant wipes, stain wipes, nail polish remver wipes, tiny clear nail polish, nail file, tiny Binaca, hem tape, a REALLY tiny sewing kit, band aids, and probably more I can’t think of.  The point is, this really tiny pouch packs a big punch.  So handy.  I see them marketed as bridesmaids gifts a lot.

Lastly, there is the tiny red backpack.  I found this one randomly at K-Mart one day, and honestly I might have bought it even if it wasn’t packed with some really handy first-aid items.  Bandages, of course, and antiseptic, sunscreen, insect bite relief, hand sanitizer and few over the counter medicine packs,  Also, I’ve been able to cram a lot more stuff in there, so it’s become my “must take”: travel accessory.  I pretty much fit all the items from the Her-mergency kit into it in addition to what it comes with, and I added a bunch of moist towelettes and some more sizes of band-aids.  I took out the OTC medicines because I have turned the pouch for the Her-mergency kit into my tiny pharmacy.  Any pills normally in bottle storage get their own teeny tiny baggie, and then there’s also the ones that come in their foil push-out strips.  I must say, I’m pretty damn efficient, which should come in handy for my con-ventures.

The few things I’ve bought recently include mini towels (condensed to the size of a double-stuffed Oreo, and a Pocket Chair.  I don’t anticipate this strange stool-like seat to be terribly comfortable, BUT it should beat having my legs fall asleep from sitting cross-legged on the ground while I wait overnight in line to see the Firefly panel.. If I could sit against a wall or something it should be pretty alright.  Who knows.

Of course, if Dr Horrible has taught me anything is that “everything happens”, so I know I can’t be prepared for any and all scenarios.  Watch the thing that gets me is that I don’t have a snakebite kit or something.  Oh, the irony that would be.

Essentially, here are the things I have packed into roughly 4″ by 4″ of packing space:
-Variety of Band-Aids
-insect relief wipes
-stain wipes
-nail polish remover wipes
-deodorant wipes
-personal hygiene wipes
-moist towelettes
-tiny Binaca breath spray
-nail file
-tiny sewing kit
-hem tape
-Pepto Bismol
-Gas Aid
-Claritin (non-drowsy)
-nasal decongestant
-Dramamine (non-drowsy)

If there’s anything anyone else can recommend, feel free!  At the risk of making a really easy ‘that’s what she said’ joke, I’m sure I could cram a few more things in there….

2 Weeks and Counting…

They have released the schedule for Thursday, and I’ve already got a mini-crisis on my hands. There will be a Dr Horrible screening and costume contest during the time that W00tstock is going on. If Dr Horrible weren’t my costume, it really wouldn’t be such an issue….but my Dr Horrible is a badass costume! So I have to decide now if I a) miss half or more of W00tstock to maaaybe win a prize of some sort, or b)miss the one costume contest I could have a decent shot at winning. Or I guess I can try and find someone to go to W00tstock in my place so as not to ditch Lisa partway through. I have some soul searching and priority figuring-out to to do. I hope tomorrow’s release of the Friday schedule isn’t so traumatic. I know I’m planning to go to the Community and Firefly panels, which happen to be in the same room. But I know the Firefly one is going to be pretty popular, so I need to talk to a con veteran to see what they recommend as far as getting a place in line…can I camp out for Ballroom 20? These are the things I need to know! Also, hoping to make it to the White Collar fan party Friday evening. One of my hopes is that everyone will be busy with all the zombie festivities on Friday night so what I want to do isn’t as crowded! I think Jon will have me camp out in Hall H on Sat for all those movie panels, and then Sunday I’ll definitely be trying for the Fringe panel. For now I just need to keep calm and be excited.

3 Weeks To Go

21 days until the 2012 SD Comic Con. I have been scouring Twitter for SDCC trends to try and get info. It’s been really helpful, actually. The official schedule hasn’t been posted, but I’ve gotten a lot of info from other sites about when show and movie pannels will be. The biggest disappointment so far is that Castle won’t be having a pannel. I do still cling to the hope that Nathan Fillion will be there anyway. He is the mayor of Comic Con after all. The Twitter trend posts have also provided several contests for shopping sprees or VIP things, which would be pretty badass. Also, if I won, I could get Lisa and Lindsay their Saturday tickets so they could see their Vampire Diaries and Dexter pannels, respectively. I wonder how contest people would react if they called me up to say ‘you won!’ and I were to reply ‘cool! ok, so put them in the names of other people besides me’. I’m gathering supplies, planning things out. I’ve started decorating my backpack with nerdy patches and things. I have to figure out which couple of geek-centric shirts I will bring, since I have too many to wear them all in the 3 days I won’t be wearing a costume.

How I Would Spend My Shopping Spree and Use My Cash at Comic Con

This entry is being posted for the sole purpose of getting additional entries into this contest. I would buy everything! But seriously, I would buy a lot of geek-centric stuff. Probably start with Castle, and move on to the other Nathan Fillion shows/movies like Dr Horrible, Firefly, etc. Then I would probably check out Fringe stuff, Game of Thrones, Bones and Family Guy. I would probably have to buy my sister some True Blood and Vampire Diaries stuff, and then get my husband a lot of comic-centric stuff. If I could use my spree money to hang out with one of the celebrities at comic con, I would do that instead.